A Creative Spanish Immersion Program with a Fun Approach



Colorín Spanish Program is the only Spanish Immersion learning center serving Monmouth County, New Jersey since 2015. 

My older daughter has been going since she was 2 1/2 years old and we love it! I am so impressed with what she has learned the past 2 + years and how this program has kick started her love for languages. I just signed my younger daughter up for this fall and I’m so excited for her!!

I also can’t say enough about the teachers who are so wonderful. I would definitely recommend Colorín to anyone wanting to expose their children to another language. There’s nothing out there like it!!   5 stars.    Emily K. 

We are a great option for English-Speaking families who want to give their child the gift of bilingualism. We are dedicated to serve families that believe in the importance of learning a new language. 

Our Mission

Immersion as our teaching method

Language immersion is a method of learning a new language where an individual is completely immersed immediately. This method is incredibly effective because it is naturally how people learn their first language when they are young. By encouraging the learning of a second language the same way children learn their first (gradually), they can easily grasp the language at a time when critical pathways are still being formed in their brains.

This may seem challenging, but when it comes to Spanish for children it’s natural and  they learn at a much faster pace. 

Students find comfort in having an entire group of classmates who are in the exact same position as they are; learning a new language together. Children naturally have little inhibition and don’t worry about making mistakes and this welcoming environment allows students to help and learn from each other.

What Parents Have to Say